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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 9, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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rat video again in new york city. i don't live in new york city. i just visit here. go watch the o'reilly fa tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." >> let it go, let it go, let it go. >> hoping gree crocodile -- hungry crocodile attacking a lawn mower or lawn mower attacking a crocodile? and how many hot pockets does the vice president predict he will consume this year? >> 100,000 by 2020. then that number will go to 875,000. [applause]. >> who will win the grueling competition to be greg gutfeld's in you assistant and what does workingout have to do with working in an office? none of these stories on "red eye." >> and now let's welcome our
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guests. she is so sweet that sugar plums dream of her when they are snug in their beds. i am here with dana perino, former white house press secretary. i didn't know and one of my co-hosts on "the five." she told me dr. drew was in the green room, but when i got there there was no such thing-ski. it is joanne nosasins ky. and tv's andy levy. he is so tough he gar gels with steel wool and brushes his teeth with other people's teeth. he plays chief deputy united states martial art mullen on the great show on fx "justified." >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. you are lucky to be born beautiful, greg. unlike me who was born a liar. >> he is messing with your
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smith & wesson. at a capitol hill hearing, air air -- eric holder talked about gun reform including so-called smart gun technology. meaning a tracking bracelet to track you and perhaps your family. hmm. i wonder if vice president biden and he had a meeting with technology people to talk about how guns can be made more safe. >> vice president biden and i had a meeting with a group of technology people and talked about how guns can be made more safe by making them either through fingerprint identification or a bracelet you might wear. how guns can be used only by the person who was lawfully in possession of the weapon. it is those kinds of things we want to try to explore. >> a talking gun, you say? the smart gun he meant requires you to wear a bracelet with a special chip that commune cates with the
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weapon. it allows it to fire. the nra loves it. they wrote last year, we are opposed to government money dates that require the use of expensive, unreliable features. the government continues to send armed drones to cat city. only in obama's america. nick, welcome to the show. a pleasure to see you. >> my pleasure, great to be here with you fine people. >> we are fine. well most of us are. >> speak for yourself. >> andy is hideous. oh dana. is this just another way for the obama administration, the so-called administration i might add, to confiscate -- >> administration. >> it should be
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defenistration. should holder be impeached? >> it is obvious what they want. it is okay to have guns as long as they are inoperable. as long as you can't figure out how to use them. it is okay to have them. you -- that's the only thing i can figure out. >> it is a lot of extra work for the wrong reason, dana. this does not tack a kill the actual issue of gun crime. it only applies to gun users who are lawful users. >> i have a great idea. you know how government can spur private innovation? one of the things the government could do in this administration is to take the -- take michelle obama's anti-obesity campaign and this idea of eric holder's for a bracelet and put a fit bit on the bracelet with your gun activation thing and you can solve two problems with one stone. >> that's perfect.
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>> and you can only use the gun if you are under a certain weight. >> i am not going to wear anything for my government, ever. >> that's a good point. >> no bracelet. >> except we had an entire generation that did that for any any -- an election. they wore an obama t-shirt and an obama's america. joe, are you more likely to buy a gun if it came with a piece of jewelry? >> as long as it is a swatch and i can match it with my outfit. >> there is that private sector innovation again. >> exactly. there is a lot of issues with this for a lot of reasons. i worry about hacking into this device if there is something to be hacked into, somebody will find a way. anyone who is going to use this gun in a violent way it will kill people. they will find a way to kill people even if they don't use a gun. they will find a way to cause destruction. it is not really solving a problem. >> you are absolutely right.
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somebody could strangle somebody with the bracelet. >> yes. >> somebody could make you choke on it perhaps by forcing it down your throat. >> possible. >> it is possible. >> what was the thing that you could only use an iphone with at&t? what was that when you sprung it free? >> oh yeah, i remember. it was a cell lock thing. >> they could do that with the bracelet. you can do it with an iphone, you can do it with a bracelet. >> this is one of the most highly technological conversations -- >> what is the name of the thing with the thing. >> andy, are you a tech guy which is a nice way of saying friendless nerd. >> tech doesn't work 100% of the time. we all know that. we have id cards. you scan them when you come in the front door. how many times have you had to put it on the scaner more than once to open the door. it happens. it is kind of a big deal if you have to shoot a bad guy.
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also as joanne points out, the chip can be hacked. and there is a private maker of the gun already and they make the ip1. they say as soon as the gun loses radio contact with the watch, eg knocked out of the shooter's hand it de activates itself. what if the watch is knocked off your wrest? what from you in a struggle and you lose the watch? >> what if it gets wet? it ruins the flow of justified. i don't see it working. >> you know what would be great? if they combined the gun with should shoot like that. that w awesome. awesome. greateg ever. >> i'm telling you that it does not tackle the actual issue of gun cre. are
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lawful gun owners are lawful. and those who do battle are not going to have this. >> you know who agrees? the anti-gun policy center is opposed to any tax dollars being used. they agree with you. it doesn't solve the problem. >> don't we all just get along? >> all right, ms. rodney king. should they drop the photoshop? they are getting crap for a campaign that is the top of a twerking mess. they have condemned the art work . show a better picture. they condemned the art work. they should have shown the separate -- >> that was funny though.
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>> it is like you could have just shown -- you show the pelosi thing and then you show the other one. i don't want to ruin this show with a lecture. >> it is intern night at fox news. you get to do whatever he wants. anyway, democrats have condemned the art work. they call the ad disrespectful to all women. it shows mark zuckerburg with fake breasts. jim gave tee says conservatives should attack the ideas of liberals and not how they look. they are exposing the left double standard. they noticed that conservative women have been mocked in vulgar ways. >> it's our party, we can say
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what we want ♪ ♪ we can stop what we want ♪ we can vote what we want ♪ bills in the house like we don't care ♪ >> anyway, so who is right? more importantly how many tennis balls can a lab hold in his mouth? >> that's great. >> i just want to know how long it took to train the dog and how much pain the dog went through. like you are not eating until you get the third ball in your mouth. >> that's something i used to hear. >> obvious. >> if i had a nickel, greg. >> yes, indeed. somebody give me that dog's number.
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dana, i i was surprised how much you liked the ad. you felt they weren't edgy enough. >> right. should have gone a step further and been ridiculous. i am upset about the ads. i don't like it. bright -- breitbart is just getting some credibility. i understand their reasoning for wanting to fight back. but we can't stoop to their level. rude, horrible degrading things about women should be off limits and it is huh poke craw see to -- to palin and bachman and others. it is a bad move. >> what if it was men? >> it is degrading to women, but you can do whatever you want to men. i find that interesting.
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that's a different topic. i get off topic and i apologize. >> i notice that. >> the left messes with conservatives all the time. that's a phrase i just coined or is dana wright says stooping to their level is worse. >> shockingly i disagree with dana. >> my twitter feed 1* living evidence that we should get down in the gutter with these people and fight them on their own terms. i really think it does -- whether or not bright should have done it or that is the right place, that's an argument i can hear. in terms of the objects themselves it is perfectly fair game. they do it and we do it. we have never tried. we tried to be above it all and romney is not going to do real battle and mccain is not going after him on the
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reverend wright we stayed above it and knife fight with them. >> the problem was i didn't get it. and i realized it is nancy's head on pelosi's body. and then i remembered nancy's head on miley's body. now i get it, and i also get the fact that it is a throw back to what happened on "saturday night live." that took me like three steps to get to. i can see how on the right you would be like, well, i just don't like looking at it. i understand their point. should the right take the higher ground? or should they get in the lower ground? >> i think it is interesting that everyone says it is demeaning, and this is disgusting. i am outraged. this is miley shaming. i think the left and the right agree that she is being milely. we shouldn't do any of that.
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above that, this is art. you can't fight art. really that's the foundation of expression and freedom. >> he can do it. he can turn anything into a pageant speech. it is amazing. >> it is time for world piece. >> it is not that. >> let's just say that say that that -- take your favorite liberal magazine and say they did that tomorrow. how would you feel about it? >> i have spoken about what they have done and the cruel stuff they say on twitter. but i also feel like this might be a bear trap. what they did was they set this for people on the left to come out and then the trap gois right on them and says ha, now you can't ever do this again i see your point. they can both be right.
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>> you have to pick. >> i have to pick? i didn't like the ads when i saw them and then i understood them. i guess i didn't like the style. i am not a big fan for shocking for shocking sake. that bugs me. andy, it was supposed to get attention and i think they failed. >> if you think any attention is good attention the ads were a success. i agree with dana and jim gave tee. i don't see how they can help the cause of conservatism? who will say i will vote for a conservative? i don't see what good they do. obviously they show the ludicrous hipocrisy of the left. she tweeted that the ads made her speechless with rage. can we put up the tweet? less than a month ago they tweeted this photo saying that chick is at least a c. really? and now your speech --
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speechless? way already know the rules are different for sarah palin. we don't need more proof. we know it already. >> we know that because we are cool and hip. a lot of people don't know it and who buy the cool and hip stuff that the left does. >> that a is what we were trying to do is be cool and hip. look at what we are doing. we are making fun of everyone too. you agree that it is not cool. it is evil. >> it happens on the same day the president of the united states makes a an appeal to women across america for equal pay for the work they do. which message will get out there? for a woman who believes in a conservative ideology and worked for a republican president and members of capitol hill, i am offended saying, seriously, guys, do you really n why there are not more women flocking to the republican
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party? it is things like this. we win on the merits. i just don't think we need to stoop to this level. >> they may not be running to the republican party. >> i feel like the republicans do rally around them. what is disgusting is when something like that happens to palin or bachman you have to beg the national organization for whim to come out and defend them. >> and they won't. >> people who does bad things you beat them up. if somebody said something about somebody you love you would punch them. but instead you do this. the first time people sweared was the first time somebody didn't get killed. it is the outlet and make it is time we start throwing elbows. we would physically throw the elbows if we didn't metaphor rickly. >> remember when todd aiken
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made the comments about rape and abortion and every conservative had to distance themselves and defend them? why in a year where they are about to win some serious races based on the merits with reform conservatives that now you have to tag yourself. i didn't like their a ad. their ad is the story. >> ram it down their throats. tell them if they don't like it, they don't get it. they are stupid. do what they do. >> i don't think any republican politician -- they say all republicans -- shut up. this woman goes on tv and lies constantly. she doesn't need to be lecturing anybody. there is no reason anyone involved needs to comment on this if they don't want to. >> i agree. >> we have to go to break, but i want to make a point about
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the beginning of "red eye." when "red eye" started almost all of the criticism was from fans of fox news. they said we were lewd and unprofessional which they were right. >> and you were unapologetic about it. >> i had to apologize the first week. after that i stopped apologizing. you know, there is -- you cross the line in this new world. you have to take some risks. i have to go. we talked a lot about that, america. coming up, what does a baby bird feel like when you crush it with your bear hands? find out in dana marine ?aw -- dana marino's hands. are you too skinny to get into the ivy league? the ivy league is a gay bar, right? then no. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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welcome to tonight's "red eye" debate, live from the" red eye" debate center. i am greg gutfeld, host of the "red eye" debate. we are beaming the story to our sister station in vienna, astray yaw or is it austria in vienna? >> no one knows. >> an app can help control your dreams and make you happier when you wake up. it is dream on and plays a scanned scape before you open your -- sound scape before you open your eyes. for instance
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hearing nature noises will lead to dreams involving greenery and flowers. and hearing dana's voice will make you dream of your own death. and here is what i see every night in my sleep. >> i actually don't see that when i dream. i see that when i wake up. isn't the beauty of dreams that we can't control it. >> it never stops. it is all of the things the apps can do for us. i have wild dreams. i write people e-mails about all of the dreams i had the night before. >> what is your wildest late dream? >> last week i had a dream about a terrorist attack. and i didn't realize it was a terrorist attack, but then we took shelter with people who were terrorists. it was like i would watch the americans and justified all in
12:25 am
one. and then we tried to escape, but we had to pick up somebody's dog and it wasn't my dog. it was a nightmare. >> that is not a nightmare. it was a message saying your dog is going to slow our escape down. >> you have to pick up a kid and a dog. that's an interesting debate for tomorrow. if people can control their dreams will they live a conscious life again? why not escape to the world of fantasy? >> it's always worked for me. that's how i make my living. i don't think it would work for me. i wear a hearing aid. it wouldn't get in. i don't wear them at night so it wouldn't work. >> do you wear them at night? >> i wear them when i want to hear. if i don't, i won't wear them. when i first got them the doctor said you have lost a lot in your high end and you will have trouble hearing female voices. i said so what? >> just won the women vote. joanne --
12:26 am
>> the gop women vote. >> and you don't understand why the women are talking to the republican party? you won't listen to us. >> i will talk like this from now on. >> i can hear you perfectly. >> i like that voice. keep going. >> no. >> joanne, the app claims it will allow you to wake up happier. have you ever in your life woke up happy? are you usually walking home alone. >> i am always happy to wake up. i kind of like this idea, but i also -- i don't know that we should have that control over it. they have this one sound you can choose from. it is city noises that cause angst. i can hear the street and that explains why i have so much anxiety and stress. >> you sleep with your window open?
12:27 am
what neighborhood are you in and what cross streets? >> it is cute you are pretending you didn't know. >> 1355 west union boulevard, apartment 12. andy, you often don a red and black sweater and murder people in their dreams. has science got you far. >> what you are trying to say is i am the man of many women's dreams? >> and you killed johnny depp. >> i have a whole host of sleep issues and most are beyond the range of modern science to fix. i figured i would try the app. i woke up and i saw my phone screen and it said dude to delete the app and never reinstall it. >> it is too hard to penetrate? >> i don't know what it saw, but it wanted no part of it. you mentioned the city noises? one of the sound scapes is zombie attack. apparently somebody's idea of a good dream and restful night
12:28 am
slipe -- sleep is a zombie attack. >> we discussed the art of lucid dreaming. i used to have sleep paralysis and you dream that something was on your chest like a gargoyle. that's how the gargoyles were made. long story short, you teach yourself how to wake up in a dream. and then if you can you can ebbet tan yourself like a video game. if i can dream in a dream, you can have -- it is like living in a zombie world. it is like living a fantasy life in your head which is why it is dangerous. it is a solid cystic universe. >> and then you would never have work dreams. i have a lot of work dreams. dreams of "the five." do you ever dream of being onset or you forgot your lines or you didn't show up on time? >> not really. it happens so much in real
12:29 am
life that i don't dream about it. >> i don't dream about work. my work is a dream. we will be right back. coming up, the c block. tonight's c block is sponsored by the allen telescope. it is designed to help researchers find aliens. thanks. >> you're welcome, greg. >> have you heard from any aliens yet? >> does tom cruise count? >> be serious. >> no, we haven't had aliens. we have heard a lot from sheep herders. i would like to get probed by the graze. whatever that means. >> that was long. first a cast member of the hit show "justified" will discuss the season finale. you will never guess who it cab. can be bla.
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he wasn't discreet with his porn on the street. i speak of an excon who was busted for watching porn on a new york city sidewalk. police say the 48-year-old who had 30 prior arrests was running a portable dvd player on a stranger's stoop and playing sites to kids. the extreme a -- apps.
12:34 am
anyway let's move on. according to the cops who nabbed him, multiple people including three small children had to walk around him to continue walking down the sidewalk. the pervyperp pled guilty to the misdemeanor. dana i go to you first. what about his rights to observe his perverted entertainment? >> i was reading the story and i usually come prepared. i have no notes. i have no words. i don't understand why people watch porn on the street. maybe he has a problem. if you have 30 prior arrests you probably have a problem. >> he gave his address as a homeless shelter. where is he going to look at his porn? >> he doesn't have anywhere to go to look at it. why deprive him of the right. i think the anus is on him.
12:35 am
>> you can say that about anyone. >> was that the a-word you were supposed to spell? >> i don't know. >> it is four letters. >> i am glad i just stoppedand . >> where is pat sajac when you need him. >> he is at my place. >> many turn to porn for the same thing. maybe porn is his only way and he doesn't know where to watch it. >> he should be watching it in a park on a bench next to smelly pigeon lady. no one will walk by you. i am not condemning what he is doing. but he is homeless. i think he wants to go back to prison. what is the fastest way? the block with the most kids.
12:36 am
let me put my device -- device. >> delivery device. >> on a stoop and come and get me. >> you might be right, but then again you could be completely wrong. >> that is more probable. >> andy, you watch your porn in the fnc bathroom and i mean battle star galactic caw. >> but on the street it should is naked people, brut they don't get in trouble. i don't even know where this sentence is going. >> i will agree with some of what you sort of said. >> thank you. >> that's as far as i'm going at a this point. it has to be tough to be homeless and want to watch porn. >> it is hard enough being homeless. let them watch the porn. >> not on somebody's stood. >> where will they watch it? >> i don't know. >> i am not going to shame the
12:37 am
pigeon lady. this guy has been arrested for assault. he seems low on the list. he has been arrested 30 times and he clearly has mental issues. >> he could also be an old score peeper, a lurky weird owe. he should be locked up and get the proper treatment he needs. >> should be should show him >> put on the pounds or leave school grounds. the 20-year-old student at yale said if she didn't gain weight she would be forced to leave the school. they felt being 5 foot 2 and a 905 pounds and a low bmi that stands for bob marley's ig lieu. she was forced to go to medical appointments and weigh ins and a mental health counselor.
12:38 am
she said, quote, i ate ice cream twice a day and cookies and used elevators in assisted of walking up the stairs but i don't gain weight. after switching doctors and writing an ease i ask on the huffington post, chan was able to escape the haqers. shamers. is this the first time a guy has known a girl's real weight? >> it might be. >> i never heard of skinny shaming. i have been fat shaming for a longtime. my daughter went to yale. the key is not ice cream and cookies. it is beer. >> beer will put on 20 pounds in six weeks. do you do buy this story? >> i didn't pitch this. >> it seems like the school is going to help.
12:39 am
i would imagine if there were that many professionals involved, there was probably an a bigger concern there. >> that's what they say about the obama administration too. they are always trying to help. >> stay out of my life is what she is saying. >> and say something more serious happened to her, then the school and everyone would be asking why didn't anybody do anything? where was the nutritionists and the doctors. >> it seems like there is nothing wrong with her. >> there was. she originally went to them because she had a lump. >> it was okay, but they said your bmi is very low. they don't want to get into trouble for not advising them since she went there in the first place. >> the problem is relying on bmi. that's not the end all, be all in determining if you are overweight or overweight. that's the problem.
12:40 am
i had a lot of good things i was going to say about the story and i read one of the comments. it summed it up. >> you failed into take into account the fact america no longer exists. they can do what they want. most are communist and vote that way. amen, brother. thank you, sir. >> i get the anonymous writings. if that person had come forward the owe bay you ma administration would ground them up. >> administration. >> you would be brainwashed with the chem trails. don't think about leaving. number five new "new york times" best seller list. pick it up on bourns -- barnes and nobel. making a couple of stops in
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atlanta, love that town. go to steve -- greg for the entire schedule where i will be.
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i'm gonna give you 10 seconds to leave, and then i'm gonna shoot you. >> fyi, that's kind of a thing with these martials. >> rail think you are that good? >> i don't know. i'm getting old. but i'm probably pretty good from this range. >> that's a look at the great show after the second greatest show of all time. season five finale aired on fx. but you knew that. he plays the chief deputy art martial and we will ask him.
12:45 am
before i get to the specifics, it is a really great show if somebody said what is the reason why, and don't say it is you. why is it so good? >> it is a combination of the tone that elmore leonard established and the writers have done a good job at keeping the trend. the tone is the blend of humor and drama. that's when our show does better than any other show. >> it is the opposite of "scandal." you watch "scandal" and you say what is going to happen? there is so much confidence in the story unraveling over time. the characters and everything that goes on takes its time. you know it is building to something ultimately devastating. >> our show is a lot about style. as much as it is about plot. it is not what happens, but how raylin gets there or how
12:46 am
art gets there. it is more the way things happened than what actually happened. >> a lot of people #r* interested in the homo erotic relationship. did that consummate a? do you get a lot of letters on that? >> you have no idea. >> do you get letters on unicorn stationary from new york, no. >> there is a push to have the angle. we have shot a few scenes. fog they would use. >> it is more for personal use. >> next to the pigeon lady. >> you workshop a lot. >> we, woulded through a a few things. and it didn't work. it was sloppy. >> have the writers ever tried to put in a story line that
12:47 am
was political and you see in typical shows where you say here it comes. it is justified so far. have you had to fight back on that at all? >> there are been a few things. i am only in my portion of the show. there were things in the other sectors of the show. some of that was along on the left side. as far as the stuff i have been given to do it hasn't been that way. >> i love that a lot of people in the show are military veterans, bad guys and good guys. and they are all interesting. the large guy that used to be an er -- i didn't even recognize him. were the aviator sunglasses -- i think he was an old buddy from afghanistan.
12:48 am
>> what's his name? >> he used to read at er. ron elder, he was terrific. >> these are characters that you don't see in other shows because they are subtle, but interesting. >> the writers do a good job keeping it real as to what part of the country that is. a lot of veterans there and also one of the things they have done with my charkt a ter is they had me lis inning to rush limbaugh on the radio. it is keeping that makes perfect sense. >> do people in kentucky like the show? >> they love it. my wife is from kens kens so we go to owensburg quite a bit. we rent a -- we went to a barbecue restaurant and big room and everybody is sitting and 80ing and there were about
12:49 am
18 of us. we get up to leave and this one person says, i'm sorry to bother you, but are you art mullen on "justified." then everybody in the restaurant was like, i knew that was him. >> i made 5* "justified" joke at the book signing in hexing ton. they said, you know it is all like that. i said well, maybe most of it is. then we made out. the finale already aired. >> yes. but then i guess i can watch it tomorrow morning. in my jammies and in my shorty rob. >> everything turned out good. >> my wife was in the finale. >> i saw the last episode. >> if she had accompanied me to the studio i would talk more about it, but i should. >> that's her loss. coming up nursing home
12:50 am
strippers. bulldog: [yawning]
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last story. that's the last story. >> dana just looked into the
12:54 am
teleprompter and said, are you really going to say that a? plug your ears, dana. >> got it. >> they were grinding on grandma. a long island new york nursing home hired male strippers -- this is disgusting -- for residents because they claim they care. wow. i don't want to do this story anymore. is this too much? >> no. >> the son of bernice young brood was shocked when he found this picture of his mom placing dollar bills into his skibbies. a family complained and they were ignored. now they are suing which they should. they say she was placed in i'm ma inept -- i'm maent in harm and she was confused why a muscular man was in front of her -- is this a real story? >> we need to talk a about it people need to know. >> she didn't look scared. >> she probably didn't know what was happening. >> she knew what was
12:55 am
happening. >> she knew exactly what was going on. >> she had done that before. >> and then her son goes up and she was like, i don't know what was happening. come on, bernice. we know you know. >> am i the only one disgusted by this? >> i am disgusted by the sexual content of this entire show. >> thank you. >> it has been nonstop. >> do gnaw you were -- dana you were mad about the breitbart thing? >> i wouldn't have read the g-sentence. this weekend you will be at the villages selling your book. >> and probably doing some of that. >> to sell more books. >> >> in retirement centers across america they know what is what. >> say something sensible. >> i am disgusted by who took
12:56 am
the photo. we know some older folk don't know to how to take a picture. that was a staff member of the home. they are saying the people who work there are taking advantage of the residents and they are doing this for fun. >> so they can get on "red eye." >> you have to understand that it is hard to find good help. it really is. if you have somebody in one of these homes you go ah. >> why is everyone not talking about how this is for the strippers some. >> and the stripper is a member of the gop. >> absolutely. >> the gop is the grand old -- >> perverts. >> there you go. i am going to end this. please end it. i will put a gun through the head of this story. >> that's the end of the perverted joke. >> we learned a lot about america.
12:57 am
dana perino. joanne and the great nick searcy. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. have a great day or night or morning. to use it?
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much more on this tonight at fbn. hello, everyone, i'm eric boling, along with bob beckle, dana perino, and greg gutfeld, and andrea tantaros. it is "the five." >> the reverend al sharp ton dropped a bomb shell in new york today. admitting to do an fbi informant. >> i did what anybody who do other who is respected. rats are people that are with other rats. i was not and am not a rat because i wasn't with theeu8e[ . i'm


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